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FAST TRAX CAMP July 30 - August 2


- FAST TRAX Camp enters its 2nd year after a highly successful 2018 run. This camp is designed for high school players that are looking to get physically and mentally ready for the 2019 high school season. Players will benefit from our experienced coaching staff - Megan Grant (Syracuse University), Caitlin Walker Ashley (Goucher College Assistant Coach ), Alice Puckett (High School/Club Coach) and Debbie Umbarger (Towson University/Personal Trainer).
The focus of Fast Trax is hockey skills, game tactics, conditioning, agility, 11 v 11 play and understanding the mind of high school coaches. This camp has limited space. It is quick moving with little down time.

Alice Puckett reflection on 2018 Fast Trax Camp "This camp was a different kind of camp. There were no tournament winners, no all-stars; just a group of players who were seriously getting ready for their high school tryouts. It was a pleasure to coach at this camp and work with a dynamic staff. The players were focused due to the small groups and had a lot of time to interact and ask questions with the staff. Full field 11 v 11 games were played every evening along with some 7 v 7 full field focus on overtime. Players took part in conditioning each night and received instruction on speed and agility in a separate station. Players received a "tip of the day" from each coach throughout the night to help them understand the mind of the high school coach. We definitely plan on keeping the camp small again next year to really help players get on the FAST TRAX! "

    ~ Small Groups ~
    ~ Excellent Coaches ~
    ~ Agility & Speed Training ~
    ~ Tips for high school success ~
    ~ Small & large game play ~
    ~ Evening Camp ~
    ~ Camp Jersey ~

Camp Schedule Sample 7/30

5:00 Meet & Greet

5:10 – 5:25 – Run & Stretch

5:30 – Breakout sessions

(Agility & Speed – Debbie Umbarger)

(Goalie Training – Lindsey Kasecamp)

(Stick work & passing – Caitlin Ashley)

(Drives & shooting – Megan Grant)

(Defensive skills – Alice Puckett)

Rotations through breakout sessions through 7:10

7:15 – 11 v 11

7:45 – Conditioning & Closure

  Wednesday, July 31

5:00 – Meet & Greet

5:05 – Group Warm-Up & Run

5:25 – Breakout Sessioins

(Agility & Acceleration – Debbie Umbarger)

(Goalie Training – Lindsey Kasecamp)

(Incorporating stick work into game play 2 v 1 – Caitlin Ashley)

(Offensive spacing & attacking in the circle – Megan Grant)

(Defensive Pressure – Cover and decision making in the circle  – Alice Puckett)

6:50 – Small Game Play

7:15 – 11 v 11

7:45 –  Conditioning & Closure


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